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Smoke Detectors save lives!  Their job is to detect a fire or smoke early on and alert you to the fact there is a dangerous situation.  Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety devices in your home.  Select Electric can test and maintain your smoke detectors.  We can also verify and install detectors to be sure that your home is up to code and your smoke detectors are properly placed and wired. 

Select Electric can install cable and telephone wiring and jacks as well as troubleshoot issues with existing.

Select Electric can install or replace any ceiling fan. Select Electric always installs ceiling fans up to code and uses the proper fan brace box to make sure your ceiling fan is securely installed.  

Nothing adds personality to your home like updating your lighting.  Perhaps you are looking to light up your outdoor space for security or entertaining. You can add a sleek modern touch touch to the interior while becoming more energy efficient, we have a lighting design that will work for you. 

Select Electric stocks several different types and colors of outlets & switches on our trucks.  We also know all the locations to install a GFCI outlet so that you can have more protection from an electrical hazard.

As a homeowner or business owner, when you have an unexpected electrical need, you want someone to respond immediately.  Select Electric specializes in Service Calls.  The inconvenience of having an electrical malfunction and the concern of getting a honest, reliable, knowledgeable electrician to come to your home or business can be over whelming.

If you have a home that was built in the 60's or 70's you may have aluminum wiring.  Aluminum wiring was a trend that was used to lower construction costs.  However, this low quality wiring has an increased fire danger.  Installing copper pigtails onto aluminum wiring branch circuit wiring helps maximize conductivity between aluminum and copper connections.

Select Electric can maintain fluoresent lights in any location.  Kitchen, business office, garage, home or business!

The two main reasons to upgrade your electrical service panel are if it's too small or if it's unsafe.  Today's electrical panels are well designed and safe.  Electrical panels installed even twenty years ago can now be undersized for today's electrical needs or even outdated to the point of being a safety hazard.  By replacing or upgrading your home or business electrical panel you can have piece of mind that your electrical system is up to date to provide you with proper power and safety.

Something to consider when updating and remodeling your home is having your wiring replaced.  Either a whole house rewire or a partial rewire can provide more power and help reduce the chance of an electrical fire.

According to the US Fire Administration, home electrical problems account for more than 67,000 fires and over $868 million in property losses.  Some indicators that you might be in need of a rewire are:

The best car charging station or EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) for your home depends on several things.  The type of plug-in vehicle you have, plans for future plug-in vehicles, garage layout, current electrical service and when you want to charge the vehicle.

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that "each exit route be adequately lighted" and that "each exit sign be illuminated".  Select Electric can help you comply with OSHA regulations as well as helping your business save money. 

You may be moving to another apartment or into a new home and  want to bring along your clothes dryer. When you get to your new abode and go to plug in the dryer you may find that you can’t—your dryer’s plug does not match the new dryer receptacle.  You have encountered a new safety measure designed to make your dryer a bit safer.  You don't have to buy a new dryer but by calling one of our electrians we can get your dryer up and running.

Three main reasons a circuit breaker trips:  1) There is a short circuit.  2) There is an overloaded circuit.  3) The circuit breaker is worn out.   

10 Reasons to Consider LED Lighting

Thinking of finally getting air conditioning?  Maybe you want to ditch that old gas stove for a new electric cook top.  You are going to need new appliance circuits to provide ample power to your new devices. 

You bought the hot tub of your dreams and now you need power.  Select Electric can install a new GFI protected spa circuit to get your new hot tub up and running. 

Select Electric can run new 3 phase wiring for the addition of new machinery or equipment.  If 3 phase is not available to your property, we are also able to install a phase converter to provide 3 phase power. 

Select Electric has several accounts that we provide monthly maintenance to.  We know the requirements vary from company to company so our office staff is deligent in making sure your job and invoicing needs are met.

Nothing is more frustrating than being without power.  A generator can provide backup power to your home or business during a power outage or storm.  Select Electric can install backup generators to provide electrical power to either a few essential circuits or keep your entire home or business lit up during an outage.

Imagine the cost of losing your big screen television along with your computers and other electronic appliances because of a sudden electrical surge.  An electrical surge can occur in less time that it takes to blink, but the damage can be long lasting.  By installing a whole house surge protector you can ensure that your high dollar electronics are safe from electrical surges.