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Ceiling Fan - Replacements/Installations

Select Electric can install or replace any ceiling fan. Select Electric always installs ceiling fans up to code and uses the proper fan brace box to make sure your ceiling fan is securely installed.  

Ceiling fans are a great way to move air in any room.  Select Electric is well versed in installing ceiling fans in new locations or replacing that out dated 70's ceiling fan with a more modern fan. 

enlightened Select Electric installs Ceiling Fans!

Ceiling fans can move air and make you feel cooler in the summer.  Ceiling fans create the same effect as a breeze by helping to evaporate the perspriation off of our skin. This will cool us by a few degrees.   

Ceiling fans can also keep us a bit warmer and save on electricity costs in the winter.  By reversing the blades on your fan, it will take the cooler air at ground level and pull it upward.  This will dispese all the warm air that has collected up high.

enlightenedDid you know that ceiling fan motors use very little electricity.  They use less energy than an air conditioner or a furnace.  So you home is cooled or heated for a lot less.