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Smoke Detectors save lives!  Their job is to detect a fire or smoke early on and alert you to the fact there is a dangerous situation.  Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety devices in your home.  Select Electric can test and maintain your smoke detectors.  We can also verify and install detectors to be sure that your home is up to code and your smoke detectors are properly placed and wired. 

Select Electric can install or replace any ceiling fan. Select Electric always installs ceiling fans up to code and uses the proper fan brace box to make sure your ceiling fan is securely installed.  

Nothing adds personality to your home like updating your lighting.  Perhaps you are looking to light up your outdoor space for security or entertaining. You can add a sleek modern touch touch to the interior while becoming more energy efficient, we have a lighting design that will work for you. 

Select Electric stocks several different types and colors of outlets & switches on our trucks.  We also know all the locations to install a GFCI outlet so that you can have more protection from an electrical hazard.

As a homeowner or business owner, when you have an unexpected electrical need, you want someone to respond immediately.  Select Electric specializes in Service Calls.  The inconvenience of having an electrical malfunction and the concern of getting a honest, reliable, knowledgeable electrician to come to your home or business can be over whelming.

Three main reasons a circuit breaker trips:  1) There is a short circuit.  2) There is an overloaded circuit.  3) The circuit breaker is worn out.   

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